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Kuniko INOGUCHI, Ph.D.

Member, House of Councillors (SENATE)
Chairman, Special Committee on Okinawa and Northern Problems
Member, Science Council of Japan

Former Minister of State for Gender Equality and Social Affairs
Former Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan

Last updated in August, 2014

I attended the 31st Black Ships Festival Newport, Rhode Island in the United States to deliver a keynote address at the opening ceremony of the festival held in the birthplace of Commodore Matthew C. Perry .
Born in a naval hero family Commodore Perry visited Japan by the Black Ships more than 160 years ago opening the door towards a diplomatic relationship with Japan.

20/2/2008 (Wed)

Question session regarding general account budget at district public hearing of the House of Representatives Budget Committee (Chair: Nariaki Nakayama, Budget Committee Chair) with Ibaraki Prefectural Governor Masaru Hashimoto, Ibaraki Union Confederation President Tsuyoshi Kojima, Hitachi City Town Planning Deliberative Council Chair Tadayasu Yamamoto, and Ibaraki University Humanities Department Professor Yasuhiro Sagawa.

16/2/2008 (Sat)

Address as Division Head to the General Meeting of LDP Tokyo Women's Division Musashimurayama Branch (Branch Head: Kikuko Ono), featuring the attendance of Tokyo 20th Electoral Division Member Seiji Kihara, Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Member Tatsuo Kurabayashi, Musashimurayama Mayor Mitsuo Arai, Musashimurayama Local Council Vice-Chairman Yoshihisa Tashiro, and Musashimurayama Local Council Members, Ichiro Hiruma, Haruo Kanai, Toshio Kawashima, and Koichi Takayama.

12/2/2008 (Tues)

Address as Division Head to the General Meeting of LDP Tokyo Women's Division Kodaira Branch (Branch Head: Toyoko Kaneko), featuring the attendance of Tokyo 19th Electoral Division Member Yohei Matsumoto, Tokyo Union Confederation President's Representative Sanzou Hosaka, House of Councillors Members Masaharu Nakagawa and Tamayo Marukawa, Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Member Nobuhiro Takahashi, and Kodaira Local Council Members Haruji Kawasato, Kazuo Saito, Ikuo Sano, Hayao Shimamura, Masahiro Nagata, Kenichi Miyadera, and Teruo Miyazaki.

8/2/2008 (Fri)

Attendance Report on the 2008 Davos Convention to the General Meeting of the Group of Davos Convention Parliamentarians (Chair: Hidenao Nakagawa).

4/2/2008 (Mon)

Book signing for 'Kuniko-ism' (Kuniko's Way, Nishimura Shoten) at the Yurakucho branch of Sanseido Bookstore. Well attended.

4/2/2008 (Mon)

Address as Division Head, 'Women and Politics', to the February Meeting of Division Heads of LDP Tokyo Women's Division (Division Head Representatives: Setsuko Juni and Itoko Yamada).

3/2/2008 (Sun)

Campaign speech for Kumamoto Prefecture gubernatorial election candidate Ikuo Kabashima at 'Support Meeting for Ikuo Kabashima, Kamatogun City Meeting for our Dreams General Action Meeting' featuring the attendance of Yamaga Electoral District Prefectural Assembly Member Youichi Fuchigami, and House of Councillors Member Issui Miura.

2/2/2008 (Sat)

Address, 'Men and Women Building Japan's Future Together' given to the Inagi Mirai Juku Open Lectures Seminar at the LDP Branch in Inagi (Branch Chief: Toru Kadota, director of Yanokuchi Kindergarten), featuring the attendance of Tokyo 22nd Electoral Division Member Tatsuya Itou, Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Member Akira Koiso, and Inagi Mayor Ryoichi Ishikawa.

2/2/2008 (Sat)

Address to 'New Spring Gathering' at the Women's Division of the LDP Branch in Fussa (Division Head: Misae Akiyama), featuring the attendance of Tokyo 22nd Electoral Division Member Shinji Inoue, Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Member Takeshi Hayashida, Fussa Mayor Hisato Nozawa, Fussa Local Council Chairman Sadao Harashima, and former Fussa mayor Yahachiro Ishikawa.

30/1/2008 (Wed)

Interviewed by Ms. Lin Xueling of Singapore's Channel NewsAsia on progress and thoughts as a female politician.

29/1/2008 (Tues)

Presentation, 'Fundamental Strengthening of the Foundations for Japanese Language Study' with French Embassy cultural attaché Alexis Lamek, given to the LDP National Strategy Headquarters Japan Council Ideas Project Team (Chair: Shintaro Ito).

23-27/1/2008 (Wed-Sun)

Attendance, with former LDP Chief Secretary Hidenao Nakagawa, at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting (the so-called Davos Convention) held in Switzerland.

19-20/1/2008 (Sat-Sun)

Moderator, 'What is Needed to Face an Aging Society?' organized by the European Union Diplomatic Mission in Japan at the Kyoto International Conference Hall.

8/1/2008 (Tues)

Report, 'Regarding the 2007 World Economic Forum East Asia Summit' presented to the General Meeting of the Group of Davos Convention Parliamentarians as a participant of the June 2007 East Asia Davos Convention.

1/1/2008 (Tues)

New Year's Greetings

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Dr. Inoguchi, Why is the Declining Birth Rate a Critical Issue? (Discover 21, 2007)

Thinking Peace Strategically (NTT Shuppan, 2004)

Thinking Peace Strategically

War and Peace (University of Tokyo Press, 1989)

War and Peace

An Emerging Post-Hegemonic System: Choices for Japan (Chikuma Shobo, 1987)

An Emerging Post-Hegemonic System: Choices for Japan